Micro-wave Cooking

For the last few weeks I’ve been renting a cottage near downtown St. Petersburg in Florida while waiting for my next residence to be ready. This cottage has a tiny kitchen with a sink, mini-fridge (probably stolen from an old hotel) and a micro-wave. There isn’t even a hot-plate with which to cook.

Since I can’t use a stove to cook, and the fridge can only hold a few items, I’ve found myself using the micro-wave to prepare meals. Most of the food items are semi-prepared.

I bought Perdue prepared chicken strips from the refrigerated section along with a package of Uncle Ben’s 90-second rice. To my surprise, the prepared chicken was tasty! It had just enough flavor and not-too-much sodium. The same goes for the rice. It was long-grain and wild rice, and it too tasted better than I’d imagined it would.

I also bought Jack Daniels brand pulled pork, pulled chicken and pulled beef to have as sandwiches. Of the three, the pulled beef was the worst. It was fatty and had too much barbecue sauce. The pulled chicken was my favorite; it was moist and had just enough Jack Daniels sauce on it to give it good flavor, but wasn’t swimming in it.

The other micro-wave items I’ve purchased were the Barilla pasta dishes found in the pasta aisle of the supermarket. I bought the penne with marinara, and as a pasta snob, I have to admit it was decent.

During this time here, I’ve eaten enough peanut and jelly sandwiches to choke a horse! I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but this is ridiculous! I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner because my appetite is just not there. Now, Ive switched to salami and tuna fish.

Soup has also become a staple. I only like Progresso soups; my favorites are Lentil, Minestrone, Onion and Tomato. They go well with a salami and provolone sandwich, or just a cheese sandwich; not so much with tuna fish.

As soon as I move into my new place, I’m cranking up that stove and cooking fresh, the way I used to. I don’t want to see another prepared micro-waveable meal again; at least until I make my next move, which hopefully won’t be for another five years!